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Building With The Right Legal Foundation

You may have found the perfect piece of property for your project, but that doesn’t mean you should break ground quite yet. Just as your building’s foundation is critical to a stable and successful structure, your project’s legal foundation must be sound. You must make sure your land is zoned for the use you have in mind.

If you have questions about whether your property meets your development needs, call Adam D. Decker, Attorney at Law, P.C. Adam Decker represents real estate developers, contractors and homebuilders in Crown Point and throughout the surrounding areas. With over two decades of real estate experience, he knows how to advocate on your behalf and make sure you have the tools you need.

Indiana Land Use Terminology

If you are a seasoned veteran of property development, you probably have some familiarity with land use terms. If you are new to the process, however, there are certain terms you should know, including:

  • Zoning ordinance – Local governments choose how property owners can use different areas of land. They may use this process to encourage certain planning initiatives or promote public policies based on health, safety or financial considerations. There are many types of uses, such as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.
  • Planned unit development (PUD) – In some situations, the development of an area does not fit in with the surrounding zoning requirements. If a developer can show a benefit to the community for the proposed development, they may receive a PUD to move forward.
  • Special use permit – Local boards may occasionally allow a property use outside of an area’s normal zoning. The zoning ordinance may list allowed special uses and they often must only add value to the area, rather than lower the value of surrounding properties.
  • Zoning variance – On occasion, a zoning ordinance may not contemplate a certain type of land use needed for a project. The board may decide to allow the project for the benefit of the general public.

When you need to pursue a special use or variance or if you face zoning changes, discuss the matter with attorney Adam Decker. He gives every client personalized attention, and he will take the time to review your development goals along with any documents to give you the best chance possible at a successful project.

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